Advantages of GecsaTherm® products

Dimensional stability
GecsaTherm® mineral wool products keep their dimensions constant at differences in temperature or humidity. These features are extremely important in many applications such as flat or sloping roof insulation. The dimensional stability of the glass mineral wool guarantees the integrity of the entire insulation layer, preventing accidental heat loss.

Fire Reaction
GecsaTherm® mineral wool does not feed the fire, it does not propagate the flame being produced from non-combustible minerals.
GecsaTherm® mineral wool semi-rigid slabs and sheets have the best fire reaction performance between thermal insulation materials: this feature is fundamental for meeting the fire regulations of buildings.

Elasticity, Compressibility, Ease of Transport
The GecsaTherm® mineral wool products are characterized by a very high elasticity that allows it to be compressed inside the packaging, reducing the initial volume by 6 times. This greatly reduces the cost of storage and transportation. The return to the nominal thickness is easy after unpacking and the product returns to the original insulation characteristics. This property is one of the most important mineral wool has, it can carry more insulating material with lower fuel consumption, which leads to the reduction of polluting emissions, so the mineral wool of GecsaTherm® protects the environment even before be used as insulating material.

Link at joints
From the point of view of the joints, the fibers of the GecsaTherm® mineral wool products are strongly bonded together, forming a continuous insulating surface.

Condensation behavior
GecsaTherm® mineral wool products are not hydrophilic, in case of watering, all their thermo-acoustic properties are resumed after drying. This characteristic is due to the fact that they are subjected from the first phases of manufacture to a technical hydroforbing treatment.

Ease of cut
GecsaTherm® mineral wool is easily cut with a knife. Precise cuts are obtained, which allow for good jointing and the creation of a continuous blanket, allowing easy installation and good sealing of the joints.

Adaptability to dificult surfaces
GecsaTherm® mineral wool products have a great capacity to adapt to all types of surfaces, whether they are regular or irregular. Our cotton allows the tracking of contorted shapes such as pipes, gutters, corrugated surfaces, ensuring optimum thermal or acoustic performance.

Keeping face to side surfaces
The introduction into well-delimited spaces, for example between two wooden beams with uneven surfaces, requires custom cutting.
GecsaTherm® mineral wool products can be cut to a size slightly larger than the space where they should be placed, forcing them to be slightly introduced, but ensuring perfect tightness and thermal and acoustic insulation along the contact edges. The tightness of the building elements is very important in order not to leave places where the heat can “escape” from the heated spaces. Rigid insulating products do not have this quality and using them instead of cotton will cause great heat loss due to lack of tightness.