Fire protection

     GecsaTherm® glass wool is non-combustible and does not contribute to fire propagation or fueling.
In order to be able to dominate the fire it is necessary to understand what makes it appear, to grow and to die.
Some components are necessary for the development of a fire: Fuel: (wood, cardboard, plastic, synthetic materials, etc.), Start energy: (open flame, lit cigarette, short circuit, etc.), Burner: (air, oxygen) , etc.). The fuel, from the point of view of the calorific potential, provides an essential contribution to the increase or decrease of the fire.

For this reason, it is necessary for the construction of buildings to use materials with low calorific value (PCZ).
There is a value that identifies the maximum amount of heat developed by a material at the time of complete burning.
The products or the materials of construction with low calorific power allow to limit the flammability of an arson.

According to the table it is easy to notice that the mineral wool of glass is a material with low calorific potential which recommends it for use inside the house because it does not burn, it does not maintain the fire, it can even be used as a fireproofing material.