Glass Wool Gecsatherm® VSG 42 ALU

Product Desciption-Rolled mattresses, compressed from mineral wool GecsaTherm® VSG42 ALU faced with aluminum foil, are composed of inorganic glass fibers linked together with polymerized resin to form a smooth, light and flexible mattress. The glass fibers are obtained by melting at over 1500 OC of the mineral raw materials, especially quartz, fibrilization by the “off-center” technology, then by spraying the binder for sealing and oils for waterproofing are added.

AplicationsGecsaTherm® VSG42 ALU aluminum glass mineral wool mattresses can be used for all types of thermal or sound insulation without mechanical loads, such as sloping roofs, filling between ceilings, suspended ceilings.
It is mounted with aluminum foil inwards to create a vapor barrier and heat thermos effect

Technical Parameters

– thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,042 W / mK
– long-term water absorption Wlp = 2,82 Kg / m2
– Euroclass fire reaction A1

Caracteristics and advantages

– thermal insulation
– fire safety, non-combustible material, does not burn
– easy installation, the product is elastic and compressible
– chemically neutral, non-corrosive
– it is not liked by pests, insects, mice, parasites, fungi
– unlimited resistance over time, very stable
– contributes to the protection of the environment
– permeable to water vapor


– It is stored in an upright position, in closed, dry spaces, on shelves
– The storage space must ensure the stability of the products.
– It is recommended that the use be made on a FIFO basis – the first entry, the first exit
– No specific material or group of materials is likely to react with the product
to produce a dangerous situation
– Keep away from inclement weather, rain, snow, direct and prolonged sun exposure
– Whole pallets with intact protection foil, can be stored outside for a maximum period of 6 months
   After this period there is the risk of discoloration of the package (foil) due to the sun.
   If this discoloration occurs, the qualities of the product are not affected.