Glass Wool GecsaTherm® VSG 42

Product Desciption-GecsaTherm® VSG42 glass mineral wool rolls are made of inorganic glass fibers bonded together with polymerized resin to form a smooth, light and flexible mattress.
The glass fibers are obtained by melting at over 1500 OC of the mineral raw materials, especially quartz, fibrilization by the “off-center” technology, then by spraying the binder for sealing and oils for waterproofing are added.

Aplications –GecsaTherm® VSG42 glass mineral wool mattresses can be used for all types of thermal or sound insulation without mechanical loads, such as roofs, as fillings between ceilings, suspended ceilings.

Technical Parameters

– thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,042 W / mK
– long-term water absorption Wlp = 2,82 Kg / m2
– Euroclass fire reaction A1

Caracteristics and advantages

– thermal insulation
– fire safety, non-combustible material, does not burn
– easy installation, the product is elastic and compressible
– chemically neutral, non-corrosive
– it is not liked by pests, insects, mice, parasites, fungi
– unlimited resistance over time, very stable
– contributes to the protection of the environment
– permeable to water vapor


– It is stored in an upright position, in closed, dry spaces, on shelves
– The storage space must ensure the stability of the products.
– It is recommended that the use be made on a FIFO basis – the first entry, the first exit
– No specific material or group of materials is likely to react with the product
to produce a dangerous situation
– Keep away from inclement weather, rain, snow, direct and prolonged sun exposure
– Whole pallets with intact protection foil, can be stored outside for a maximum period of 6 months
   After this period there is the risk of discoloration of the package (foil) due to the sun.
   If this discoloration occurs, the qualities of the product are not affected.