Mineral Wool boards faced with aluminium Gecsatherm® VPG 34 ALU

Product Description – Gecsatherm® VPG34 ALU semi-rigid mineral wool boards faced with aluminium are made of inorganic mineral fibers linked together with polymerized resin to form a homogeneous mattress, with special mechanical properties due to the special fiber distribution system and binder.

Aplications – It is used for the thermal and sound insulation of the exterior walls, the attics, the interior floor sills, (garages, basements, etc.). They are mounted with the aluminium face inwards, in order to increase the efficiency of the thermal insulation and to obtain the thermal effect. In addition to the role of reflecting heat radiation back into the living space, aluminum also constitutes a vapor barrier that limits the migration of vapors from the heated interior. At the garage or basement ceiling, the plates should be fastened with metal rosettes. When installing the insulation, special attention will be paid to the sealing of the spaces between the cotton mattresses. For this operation, the aluminum self-adhesive tape, specially intended for this purpose, will be used.

     With a solid and homogeneous structure, the Gecsatherm® VPG34 ALU semi-rigid mineral wool boards will not break down and will not change in time, they provide excellent sound insulation due to the fibrous structure of the material, they are very easy to handle and install.


– coefficient of thermal conductivity, λ10=0,034 W/mK
– class of reaction to fire, Euroclass A2
– water vapor transmission speed, g=8208,8 mg/m2h
– water vapor permeance, W=5,9 mg/m2hPa
– permeability to water vapor, δ=0,3 mg/mhPa
– the resistance factor to the diffusion of water vapor, μ=2,4
– the thickness of the air layer equiv. diffusion of water vapor, Sd=0,1 m
– sound absorption coefficient:αw= 0,85,Class B acoustic absorption


– It is stored in an upright position, in closed, dry spaces, on shelves
– The storage space must ensure the stability of the products.
– It is recommended that the use be made on a FIFO basis – the first entry, the first exit
– No specific material or group of materials is likely to react with the product
to produce a dangerous situation
– Keep away from inclement weather, rain, snow, direct and prolonged sun exposure
– Whole pallets with intact protection foil, can be stored outside for a maximum period of 6 months. After this period there is the risk of discoloration of the package (foil) due to the sun. If this discoloration occurs, the qualities of the product are not affected.